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London Wonderland

I have returned from London! I had a very good time and got lots of Christmas shopping done! It was great to see Paul again too.

We went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which was rather lovely. I especially enjoyed the mulled wine and cinnamon pretzels! And I went on the Power Tower ride while Paul waited for me at the bottom. It was brilliant, although rather cold and wet due to the fact that it was raining quite a lot by this point! But that just added to the fun!

So it was a good weekend, although on my train journey home I discovered that South West Trains have devised new and unusual ways to drive their passengers crazy. I was on a train which split into two so you needed to make sure you were in the right half. A helpful announcement told us "This part of the train is for Woking, Ash Vale, Aldershot, Farnham, Bentley and Alton." Very useful, I thought, and I was pleased that they bothered to do something like that. I was less pleased by the fact that they repeated that same announcement every 20 seconds all the way to Woking. You may think I'm exaggerating that for emphasis. I am not. I timed it.
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