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Ye Olde Alias

I felt like watching my Alias DVDs. Mainly for Vaughn. I watched The Solution to hear him speaking French then of course had to watch Rendezvous because I'd got into the story. I managed to stop myself before ATY though. Then I went on to season two because people have been saying that Sydney calls Vaughn 'honey' in Truth Takes Time. I watched the scene twice but I think I heard it, barely. Now I'm on Endgame, which of course has Boxers Vaughn and his drawer! Hee! There was this whole other part of that scene that I hadn't seen before because when I watched this episode before it was on VCDs of American recordings so I got the shortened version shown over there. It was so cool to see new Alias that wasn't part of season 3. I may have to rewatch that scene again...

By the way, the subtitle people need to be whacked round the head. You'd think they would be able to spell and not put two 'i's in 'kill' or miss off the first letter of 'start' but no, we get 'kiill' and 'tart.' Eh, I should be nice. Good for them for putting subtitles on but really they have no excuse for misspelling on DVDs.

Another thing I've realised watching season one. I miss real Francie. I loved that aspect of Sydney's life, her being at home with her friends. Of course if Vaughn was there too it would be perfect. =D

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