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Bones Thoughts

I finally watched the Jersey Shore episode of Bones! I am very slowly catching up!

The whole Hannah storyline still bothers me though and I'll attempt to explain why. Please bear in mind that this is only based on seeing three episodes of season six so far and not being spoiled for any more:

So often TV takes the cheap route of having women hate each other. They're written as being jealous and petty and completely unable to conceive of the idea that their boyfriend could have a close female friend without wanting to sleep with her.

So it's great to see Hannah accept Brennan's place in Booth's life and be so nice to her. She knows that Brennan is Booth's best friend and they spend time together and she isn't threatened by that. She's not telling Booth he can't spend time with his hot partner outside of work, rather she's reaching out to said partner and offering her her friendship without any hint of malice.

So that's why it's really annoying that, in this case, we know that Booth does want Brennan and we know that Booth and Brennan are going to end up together, which means that Hannah needs to be out of the picture somehow.

I hope that she and Booth reach a mutual agreement to end it soon. Maybe she realises that she's not cut out for staying in one place after all and while they had fun, they're just not right for each other. That leaves Booth and Brennan free to get together (which, by the way, come on already!) without making Hannah seem like a fool for actually trusting her boyfriend.

I really hope that made sense!

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