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Bones 6.1

I watched the season six premier of Bones today and I found it very mediocre. It wasn't bad, necessarily, but nothing about it grabbed me. It didn't make me excited about the series being back and if it had been the first episode I saw I probably wouldn't have continued watching.

I wasn't going to even make a post about it, but after commenting about it so someone else I keep thinking of other things I could have mentioned. I won't make a full recap/review or anything like that, just a few points that will make no sense to the 90% of my friends list who don't actually watch Bones:

1. Bones beating up a group of armed guerillas? Sorry, not buying it. Yes Bones is awesome and capable of taking care of herself and Daisy was there to distract them with her completely impracticable pink underwear but they were armed guerillas and clearly outnumbered her. She'd have had no chance.

2. Speaking of which, since when is Daisy an idiot? Seriously.

3. Hannah. We all know Booth and Bones are destined to end up together so I'm not worried about Hannah being a real threat to their relationship, but I am worried that she's going to be a stupid character written solely to cause drama. I might be being completely unfair here since we haven't even met her yet, but, as I've often said, I really hate it when writers keep introducing ways to keep characters apart for the sake of it and Hannah seems like she could be that.

4. When Cam asks Caroline how she got everyone to agree to return, Cam says she'll show her. She then proceeds to phone Sweets and lie to him in order to get him to come back. I thought that Caroline got the others to return by telling them that Cam needed help and they did because Cam is important to them. Surely Caroline should have told her that?

5. Although really, Cam couldn't tell any of the things that the team instantly picked up on about the body? Maybe people are right to call her incompetent. Or at least not the best coroner the government has, or whatever Caroline calls her.

6. Out of all the rotating interns Wendell was always my least favourite, so I was annoyed that he was the one who was still around. But he actually turned out to be ok in this episode.

7. I am staggeringly underwhelmed by Angela being pregnant.

8. Booth's attitude to seatbelts really pisses me off, as does Brennan's blithe acceptance of it. You don't want to waste precious seconds with the seatbelt release? Well, that won't be a problem when you've been sent flying through the windscreen, now will it? Maybe it's because I'm British and seatbelt safety is a much bigger thing over here than in the States (I still remember going to Florida and being shocked that the people I stayed with didn't wear seatbelts in the back of the car) but I don't understand this at all. Surely Brennan, with her in-depth knowledge of everything under the sun, would be able to explain little things like physics and why his behaviour makes him a selfish moron.

9. Caroline is nice underneath her not nice exterior? Why is this a surprise? I thought we already knew this.

10. All the characters seemed rather OOC and strange this episode. Maybe they're trying to indicate that everyone has changed in the last seven months but it felt like I was watching completely different people sometimes and I found myself not caring about most of them.

I realise that I've come up with a whole lot of negative points and it sounds like I hated the episode but I didn't really. I just... Bones is usually awesome and this was just ok. I suppose 'disappointing' is the best way to describe it.

Hopefully next week's episode will be a return to form. And Hannah will turn out to be a decent character and not a flimsy plot device.
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