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Autumn, Bivisibility and Bones

So, yesterday was the first day of autumn. For weeks I've been looking forward to it and planned to make a post to celebrate but I still felt crappy so I didn't. I did change my journal theme to an autumnal one though, so yay for that!

Yesterday was also Bi Visibility day. I didn't wear purple myself because I have a uniform for work (annoyingly I used to have a purple shirt, but we got new red ones last week so I have to wear that now, otherwise I'd have been set.) I did have a fun time looking at various people and wondering if they were bi or just happened to be wearing purple that day, though.

Today I don't feel as bad as I have the past two days, so that's good. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend since I'm really hating on work at the moment. I'm not the only one though; lots of the people I work with have been talking about leaving. I really wish I knew what I wanted to do. At the moment I just want to find a job that doesn't involve direct interaction with customers, and that's kinda hard.

I see that the new TV season has started in America. It's making navigating my friends list and other sites a bit of a challenge as I try to work out which shows I'm going to have to watch online and which shows I don't mind being spoiled for (I've come to accept that there's no way to wait to watch shows when they air in the UK and remain unspoiled for them unless I stay off the internet completely and that's just not an option.)

I'm definitely going to be watching Bones online, but probably not until tomorrow so I'll just avoid most of LJ until then. I was always going to be watching that as soon as possible since it's my favourite show at the moment, but my decision has only been bolstered by the complete lack of any mention of season six or when it'll be airing on Sky One's website. It's like they've forgotten it exists. (Particularly annoying since as I'm writing this the TV has just shown an advert for Stargate Universe airing "just days after the States!")


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Sep. 25th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
Oh awesome, I was wearing purple tights - I don't pretend I knew which day it was. I wore purple tights all week BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME PURPLE TIGHTS.

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Am hoping it's a sign that you are on your way up from the cold! It's freezing in our corner of the woods, so the blue one and I have finally broken and switched on the heating in the house!
Sep. 26th, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
I must see these awesome purple tights for they do sound indeed awesome!

It's freezing here too. Autumn has arrived with a vengeance! My cold has turned to more traditional ways of annoying me, with a stuffed up nose and lots of sneezing. So much fun(!)

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