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Man Flu

Sometimes I think I have a male brain. For one thing there's my complete inability to multi-task. I'm very much one thing at a time and if you ask me to do something else then the thing I was already doing will just fly completely out my head. I think that's why I love lists so much, they are exceedingly useful!

But for another thing, and the main point of this entry, I think I have man flu. I mean I'm sure it's just a cold but my head hurts, my throat hurts and I feel completely run down. I just want to go to bed for the rest of the week and make "blargle" noises at anyone who wants me to actually do anything.

I am trying to hide how crappy I feel, though, and just get on with things as usual. We have a new manager at work and I'd rather he didn't come away from his first week with us with the impression that I'm completely and utterly useless.
Tags: fail, ill, my stupid body, work

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