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A Few Random Thoughts....

You know how in TV shows (and that McDonald's advert) they show that someone is up ridiculously early by having them do stupid things like putting their shoe in the fridge or twelve spoonfuls of sugar in their coffee? Well that was me earlier, except it was at midday and I was cashing up the tills and managing to mess up the simplest of tasks.

Personally, I blame the Pope. And I see that he'll be in London on Saturday, which should make my trip rather... interesting. I don't think we'll be in the same area though, which is good, cos if I was anywhere near him I don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to start singing the Pope Song.

Also, my dentist approves of my wine drinking. I had a check up on Monday and he noticed my tongue was discoloured. I said it was probably due to the wine I'd had the night before and he said "Good, that's good for you." So yay for dentist-approved drinking!

And finally, I once again got to shock someone by telling them my age. One of the people I work with thought I was 20. Hee.
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