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Woot, packing for BiCon done! Hopefully for real this time since I've already repacked once! I tried not to use my big suitcase and I thought my kitty shopping trolley would do, but I ended up with a heavy, bulging trolley and a lighter but horribly bulky and awkward shoulder bag and had to admit defeat. So I will be taking my big suitcase with me, which is funny cos it was only a couple of weeks ago that I took that suitcase on the underground and DLR to go to Edinburgh and vowed never again to do such a foolish thing!

It's mostly food and cooking stuff that's taking up the space, which of course means that there will be plenty available to eat and I'll have no need for what I brought because life likes to mock me like that. But I'd rather have too much food than too little and it's always nice to have stuff to share with people.

Not long to go now and I must say the nerves are really bubbling up! But in a good way. I'm definitely looking forward to it and to seeing people I met at Pride once again. :D


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Aug. 25th, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
*excited bounces* We're very much looking forward to seeing you again too!

Also - tasty foods are a great way to meet new people! miss_amaranth is bringing cookies and one of our friends takes a bread maker with her and takes around fresh bread every day to use as a conversation starter :D
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