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Did You Miss Me?

Hello! I have returned from not-so-rainy-after-all Edinburgh!

Actually I returned just over a week ago but I haven't turned my laptop on until now. Which means that I have two weeks of Flist to catch up on and 111 emails in my inbox to read. Mostly from the BiCon Newcomers mailing list, it seems.

Edinburgh was lovely. Beautiful castle. I found myself trying to work out ways that I could move there. (Edinburgh in general, I mean, not the castle specifically. Although that would be awesome.)

Since returning I have spent most of my free time playing Lego Harry Potter, which is an excellent game. It does now make me want to reread the books and rewatch the films though. And it makes me wish it was autumn. I love autumn. (Although it is currently pouring with rain here, and there was thunder earlier, which does feel quite autumnal. So that's very nice, even if a load of rain has come in through an open window and soaked the stairs to the room down below and one of its walls long with everything on it. Ho hum, my CDs are rather damp now!)

Anyway, I shall say my goodbyes for now and get on with all the things I've been putting off, such as checking my credit card statement and seeing just how much I spent in Edinburgh! On second thoughts, perhaps I should have a drink before facing that...
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