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Weekend Report

I had a good weekend:

Saturday - Eclipse. Not as bad as I was expecting but still highly amusing in places. Is it just me or was that one hideous engagement ring Edward gave her?

Sunday - Mum's birthday. We celebrated with board games. Robert won Star Trek Scene It, I won Perplex City, the Cylons won Battlestar Galactica (and since I was the Cylon I can say that I won that too), and Dad won Trivial Pursuit. Mum was quite put out that she didn't get to win anything on her birthday though!

Monday - Mum, Rob and I went to London. We went on the London Eye and timed our trip very well. When we arrived there wasn't too much of a queue for either buying tickets or boarding so we got on pretty quickly, but when we left we saw the boarding queue now stretched far, far, far back! So much so that if we'd arrived at that point it would have been very tempting to leave it for another day. Also, the wheel stopped in one place for about thirteen minutes for unknown reasons while we were on it and we happened to spend those thirteen minutes right at the very top!

I also got to play tour guide and take people to Covent Garden and Leicester Square and Hamleys and the Ferrari store. It was a lovely sunny day and we were quite worn out by the end of it!
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