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So, I see my university has given Orlando Bloom an honorary degree. I suppose it makes sense, since he is Good Canterbury Folk, but can you imagine that ceremony? It must have been crazy! Looking at reports on the internet it sounds like he gave a much better speech than David Starkey did at my graduation. That's good.

Apparently Mr Bloom has fond memories of the duck pond on campus. I do too, Orli. I feel we have connected over this, and as I was in Keynes I also feel connected to the duck pond in a way that people from the other colleges can't understand. They didn't get the joy of realising that all an intruder has to do is find a way to get across the pond and then there are no barriers between them and our individual room doors.

I think we should get together some time and have a chat about good old UKC. Alan Davies can come too. :)
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