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So is everyone excited about the World Cup starting tomorrow?

As I'm sure most of you know, I have very little interest in football. In fact the only thing about the game that I'm really passionate about is that it's called football and not soccer. But since money makes everything more interesting, that's about to change.

Yes, I am partaking in the World Cup sweepstakes at work. I drew Portugal as my team, which pleases me. I wasn't worried about picking a team with no chance of winning but I was worried about picking a team from a not very nice country that I wouldn't feel right supporting. But Portugal's good, so that's ok.

And yes, this does mean that I am supporting Portugal now. Because really, national pride versus the chance of winning actual money? No contest!

In other news, I have old-ladyfied myself. I did something to my back at work and it really hurts. I took a couple of strong painkillers and finished my shift but I was still limping along and trying to move as little as possible. I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. If it's not better by then I can't see myself being much use unless they stick me on the till or something.

The thing is, I did it in the cash office. I can't even say that I threw my back out while lifting a 20kg flat pack box. No, I did it while moving pieces of paper and counting money. That's not nearly as impressive.
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