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So, what did I think of this episode? Um, I liked it. For some reason I didn't think I would but I did. I love the Syd/Weiss interaction and the book at the end was so sweet. Lauren's annoying but I was expecting that and, shock horror, I actually found myself liking her a couple of times! My mum thinks she's going to turn out evil and have something to do with Sydney's disappearance. My dad was certain that it would be her murdering Lazarey on the tape and the one with Syd was a fake. I still think she's going to be evil and/or die thanks to her (supposed to be) British accent. Actually I know one of those to be true thanks to the SD-1 boards but I did say that as soon as I heard about what her accent was.

The advert for next week looked good too, although the only thing my mind can remember from that was Jennifer Garner in a two piece and underwater. I am now an undignfied puddle of drool with that image in my head.

I hear that season two it out on DVD on the 7th June. About time too!

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