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I Have Just Discovered....

There is a CSI: The Experience in Birmingham! Of course I would discover this less than a week before it ends meaning I have no time to go. Oh well, just more reason to get round to organising that trip to Las Vegas. I just hope I don't end up missing the one there too. (I'm still sad that Star Trek: The Experience has closed, that would have been cool.)

And just in case anyone was wondering, I'm not reading my Friends List at the moment cos I haven't seen the finale of Bones and I don't want to be spoiled for any of it. (I am aware that I really should get round to watching it soon cos the longer I wait the higher the chances are that I'll come across a spoiler somewhere accidentally. It's happened before that I've been spoiled for something while reading something else that had nothing to do with it. But if I wait one more day I can watch it properly on TV so I'm going to take my chances and just avoid most of the internet until then. I'll play LOTRO instead!)
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