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End of April

Ah, the end of the month is such a mixed blessing. It brings with it two equally true, yet diametrically opposed, equations:

On the one hand: Payday = Money = Buying stuff = YAY!

On the other hand: Other people's payday = Other people's money = Other people buying stuff = Bleugh.

Yeah, that was my rather roundabout way of saying that we were very busy today. They even called me in early because of it. So I am very, very tired right now, but not as stressed as I was cos I've hit the alcohol and am quite lightheaded already. That's just from one beer. Clearly I am getting old.

Although, having said that, the new stock manager at work did think I was around 19 or 20. He was shocked when I told him I was 26. Maybe I should take advantage of my apparent youth. Go back to uni, re-do my early twenties, be less of a social failure.

Or maybe I'll just have another drink.
Tags: drinking, old, shopping, university, whining, work

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