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My thoughts on the episode:

What was up with Brennan in this episode? It was like she’d completely regressed with her people skills. And that might have worked if the episode was trying to make a point about how when people go back to old situations they revert to how they were back then(“It’s called revertigo”) but she seemed to be doing it from the beginning and Booth seemed to act like she was being completely normal (for her, at least.)

Also, what was up with the townspeople? Is their water spiked with hormones or something? You’ve got Andy hitting on Brennan and pretty much every woman hitting on Booth. Right in front of the other one too!

I love how Mr Buxley was so very creepy and Brennan was totally clueless about it, smiling brightly at him no matter what he did. And there was never a suggestion that he was the murderer, even though if it had been anyone else acting like that they’d have been all over him as a suspect!

Hey, Booth, what do you mean you opened a door neither of you want to go through? You made it quite clear that you do want to go through that door so I don’t really understand why you’d say that now. It’s not like Brennan doesn’t know how you feel.

When those stars came down I knew they were going to be the murder weapon and I thought Brennan had realised it too with the way she was staring up at them. But it turns out she was just sad cos she didn’t get to go to prom. Awww.

Of course this then led me to shout at my TV, “Hey, look up idiots! Big shiny metal stars with pie shaped points right above your heads!”

But then we got the shot of Brennan climbing on a chair and we got to see a lot of leg and that made me happy. Yes I am totally shallow, why do you ask?

Also, I did like Brennan’s dress but I looked it up and it’s $750 and that’s just insane.
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