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Chirp Chirp

In another step towards selling my soul to the internet I have signed up for Twitter. Not because I feel the desperate need to share every aspect of my life, 140 characters at a time, with the world but because so many people I like have Twitters and it was getting a bit ridiculous to check each of their pages one at a time when I could have them all in one place instead.

But who knows, I may start tweeting myself if the spirit moves me. I'd probably just end up talking to myself, but I do a lot of that anyway.

On another note, I wish to make a formal complaint against the weather. This past week has been beautiful and I've been suck inside at work, wishing I could be outside and looking forward to the weekend when I would finally be free to enjoy it. But now it is the weekend and the weather is... not as good. It's not bad, per se, but it's definitely not as sunny as it has been; the sky is white rather than blue.
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