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Last night I dreamt that I was in training to become a waitress. Except the training consisted of the manager talking me into the restaurant and saying "Have a go" so I kind of wandered over to a table and asked what they wanted and scribbed some numbers and words down on a piece of paper. Then I had to work out where the kitchen was and hand the papers (now three) over to them and as I did so I said "I'm new here, please don't be mean." Then I asked another waitress if we had sections or anything and she was all "Nah, just walk around and if you see someone who looks like they're ready to order ask them what they want." Then the manager came back and took me outside and up some steps and inside and up some more steps and through a door to the fancy part of the restaurant where all the rich people ate and I was afraid of knocking over a glass of wine that cost more than what I would earn all day. Of course the glass of wine was sitting on the stairs, which made perfect sense.

I'm sure there's meaning in there somewhere. Possibly that my subconscious should not be allowed to run a restaurant.
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