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New Phone!

I have a new phone! It is shiny. And slide-y. I've never had a phone that slides before. This is a very exciting moment for me.

I've moved my sim card over so I still have the same phone number. And I decided that since I have a shiny new phone I should finally clear out the clutter of my contacts list. See, my problem is that I don't like to get rid of things, people who've been to my house will be able to attest to this, and this extends to contacts on my mobile phone.

As I was going through them I was deleting people from uni and even college. People I haven't spoken to in years yet never deleted off my phone because every time I thought about doing so I talked myself out of it. Even worse than that, there are some names on there that I have no idea who they are. Not even a vague inkling of where I'm likely to have met them.

I also have the annoying habit of not deleting old numbers either. If Bob gets a new number I don't delete his old one and replace it with the new one. I rename the old one as 'Bob Old' and add the new one as 'Bob'. Yeah, I make no sense.
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