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La la la, I can't hear you!

Seriously, my ears are blocked and I can't hear properly at the moment, which is very annoying. Everything is muffled and when I speak it feels very strange. So far the only real problems have been at work though cos while I can hear well enough to understand people when they're speaking clearly, a lot of customers don't do that. Or they talk into their purses and I can't understand them. Or they ask questions about "vouchers" and get annoyed with me when I don't instantly know exactly which of the many vouchers we have that they're talking about.

Sorry, that last one was less to do with my hearing and more to do with customers being idiots.

Also, because my ears are not content with simply being blocked, they are also quite painful. This isn't so much of a problem during the day when I can take sweet, sweet drugs and try to ignore it, but I sleep on my side and it's really hard to get comfortable when I can't put pressure on my ears. Also, showering. You never really think about how much you touch your ears when you wash your hair until it hurts to do so.

So yeah, I really had nothing interesting to say in this entry but my ears are really bothering me and I wanted to get it out somewhere. :p
Tags: my stupid body, whining, work

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