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Ceremony Part VII

Ok, time for Best Actress. I suppose this is a nice way of doing it, at least all the nominees get lots of nice things said about them.

No, Morgan Freeman. You are awesome and all but you are not nominated for best actress.

Best Actress - Sandra Bullock. Yay. Since Paul and I predicted the same things for the remaining two awards this means that I win! Woo hoo! Cyber Candy here I come!

Directing - Kathryn Bigelow. Yay again! I can't believe it's taken this long for a woman to win it!

Tom Hanks! Here to do Best Picture.

Wait... that was it? No build up? No reading of nominees? Just the winner is. I suppose that's why they were introducing all the films throughout the evening but still, that seemed awfully abrupt.

Bes Picture - The Hurt Locker.

Well that was a fun evening. Zero, did you make it till the end?

Final Results:
Caroline wants: 9
Caroline thinks: 14

Paul wants: 7
Paul thinks: 12

Yay me!
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