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Ceremony Part VI

Matt Damon!

Best Documentary - The Cove. I like the woman's dress. It's simple and elegant. And I love how they got their sign up there and on screen!

Editing - The Hurt Locker.

Foreign Language Film - The Secret in their Eyes.

No Claudia Winkleman I do not want a nap. I want to go to sleep! A nap is not enough for how I'm feeling right now!

So, just the big awards to go. Hopefully I'll wake up a bit and have more to say about them. This is lasting longer than I expected. I thought it would be done by 4.

Best Actor. This is a weird way of doing it, they have someone who worked with each of the nominees to talk about them? And it looks like Drunk George has sobered up a bit now. How disappointing.

Oh god, they're going to talk forever aren't they?

Kate Winslet's presenting. What a boring dress.

Best Actor - Jeff Bridges. Another non-surprise. He's been talking for a long time. I guess the really strict time limit doesn't apply to the big winners.
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