November 23rd, 2021

DW River hair

Still Cold

The engineer had said that he couldn't get the radiator in my room to work cos he couldn't bleed it with the shelf in the way. I suspect that was just an excuse cos he knew it had bigger problems that he didn't want to deal with!

I managed to bleed it myself by using a rear access key. That then made the boiler stop working, because of course it did. The useful little panel at the front told me it didn't have enough pressure and needed to be refilled, so I had to Google how to refill a boiler. I found a handy YouTube video showing me how to do it and yet again wondered how we coped before the internet!

Unfortunately this did not help my radiator at all. I did some more Googling, which led to me taking off the TRV valve and seeing if that was where the issue is. I can move the pin up and down but it doesn't spring back. And moving it up doesn't make a difference, which I thought it should do. So I think the whole thing is probably knackered. I shouldn't be surprised. Like everything else in this house it's about a billion years old and should probably have been replaced years ago. I suppose I could see if I can just get someone to install a new TRV but I think the radiator itself probably needs replacing too. So now I have to decide if I want to go through the stress of all that or just accept that I have no heating in my room!