November 22nd, 2021

DW River hair

Coca Cola Christmas

I saw the Coca Cola Christmas advert last night (or part of it, at least), which means it's officially Christmas. I'm ok with that cos I've decided that if I'm going to enjoy as many Christmassy things as possible then I need to start early. I'm not going so far as to begin decorating the house yet, but I am enjoying the festive fare currently found in supermarkets. And I did watch the Ted Lasso Christmas special the other day without it feeling seasonally inappropriate!

I'm also making good progress on Mum's advent calendar. I'd been struggling with it for ages and couldn't seem to come up with anything good, but once I worked out a basic idea it flowed a lot better from there and now I'm pretty confident I'm going to have something that works well. I just hope she likes it too!