November 16th, 2021

DW River hair

Day Two

Another day of banging and whirring and worrying as the boiler replacement continues.

Water has been reconnected to the bathroom so the toilet is back in action, which is a relief, but the boiler still isn't set up so we don't have hot water or heating. Fortunately the shower is electric and heats the water itself, which is good cos if my options were cold shower or no shower in this weather then I would definitely be unwashed right now!

I feel even more anxious today than yesterday though, possibly because of the amount of rubbish around the place. There are bits of the old boiler out on the front garden and slats of wood on the floor of the bedroom and the kitchen looks like a bomb hit it! I know we're not exactly house-proud but still. I'm very much hoping that clearing up after the work is part of the job and we won't have to put everything back/dispose of it ourselves!