November 15th, 2021

DW River hair

Boiler Day One

Day one of the boiler replacement week has been and gone. I spent pretty much all day feeling stressed out and twitchy, listening to the bangs and thuds and whirring of machinery as I tried not to think too much about what was going on up in my room and reminding myself that theses guys are professionals who know what they're doing. It didn't help that much!

So far things seem to be going all right though. One problem was that he didn't realise our roof was like it is (not sure what exactly that means!), so his plan for a vertical flue won't work and he'll have to put in a horizontal one instead. Funnily enough a few days ago I had mentioned to Mum that I didn't understand why he was going to put the flue in the roof when it seemed to me to make far more sense to put it through the wall!

The old boiler and the water cylinder have been removed and the new boiler is in place, although I don't think it's connected up yet. We have no water going to the toilet or bathroom sink so will have to be flushing with a bucket for a while. Hopefully not for too long! And the house is a mess, even more so than usual. I just have to remember that this will all be worth it in the end. I'm looking forward to having heating again!