November 9th, 2021

DW River hair

A Day's Work

Work was pretty hectic today, mainly due to the giant delivery of over a thousand items with only two of us to put it all away. I ended up doing most of it cos my colleague had another problem to deal with. On the bright side, it did mean the day went by pretty quickly. Getting home was fun too cos for some reason the bus company decided that a small bus would be a good idea for one of the busiest times of day so it was a bit of a crush (social distancing very much Not A Thing any more!)

I'm glad I'm not in tomorrow. This week and next I have a very weird schedule made up of a mixture of shifts and holiday. I'd originally booked this week off months ago then tried to change it to next week so I'd be home for the boiler being replaced, but couldn't get it completely changed. So I have two half and half weeks instead. It actually works out pretty well cos this way I have more time this week to clear the areas the engineer is going to need access to.