September 7th, 2020

DW River hair

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday and I came downstairs this morning to find this:


Presents from my lovely mother (who does not make me solve puzzles before I can open them cos she's much nicer than I am!) I managed to restrain myself long enough to drink my coffee before ripping them open to find...

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I decided against going anywhere to celebrate cos I couldn't think of anything that sounded fun to do with all the restrictions currently in place. Instead I stayed at home and rewatched season one of Downton Abbey while building the Lego NES. I could possibly have done it all in one day, but I stopped after five episodes and have so far made the console, controller, cartridge and part of the TV:

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I have the week off work, so that's plenty of time to finish both the rewatch and the set. I'm thinking that I'll probably continue the rewatch into season two as well. And possibly season three. But definitely no further than that!

And finally, bask in the glory of my traditional epic poem of birthday brilliance:

36 has divisors galore
But I am 36 no more
Now for a year after I make this rhyme
My age will be a number that's prime