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Ceremony Part IV

I see a giant dress walking across stage. Who is in it? I...I'm not sure. I want to say Rachel McAdams?

Precious won Best Adapted Screenplay. That was not my prediction.

Ok, Steve Martin is being funny. I like this because there hasn't been much of the so-called presenters since the opening.

Queen Latifah's dress is very pretty.

Robin Williams has lampshades behind him. Why? I mean.... why?

Best Supporting Actress - Mo'Nique. I was pretty sure about that one.

Art Direction - Avatar. What is with this acceptance speech? One guy was talking about James Cameron then another guy took over and talked about himself.

Keanu Reeves is unimpressed with the whores/horses joke.

Ok, I have now seen SJP's entire dress and it's even worse than I thought. Did she do something to piss off her stylist?

Costume Design - The Young Victoria.

You know, I kinda miss Stephanie Beecham. I mean, I hated her but at least she elicited a response from me. These four are so boring I don't care what they're saying. I am amused that Mark Dolan is losing their predictions game though. He's so full of himself.
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