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Ceremony Part III

Oh Tina Fey. No, no. You're a beautiful woman. Why have you done this? Robert Downey Jr on the other hand looks awesome. His bow tie matches his sunglasses!

It's time for Best Original Screenplay. This is the first award so far where I'm not confident about who's going to win. My prediction is Inglorious Basterds. But alas, I am wrong. It's gone to The Hurt Locker.

Now we have Matthew Broderick and a red headed woman in a purple dress who looks terrified and completely out of place. I assume she is not an actress.

You know, I've never actually seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's referenced in so many things though that I think I probably should.

Zoe Saldana, watch out! Some giant black and purple muppet is trying to eat you from the ground up! Run! Run while you... oh, that's your dress. What is with all these beautiful actresses putting themselves into terrible outfits? Did they wake up one morning and think "You know what, I think I'm a little too gorgeous. I should do something about that." She still looks beautiful from the waist up though.

Aw, Nick Park didn't win Best Animated Short. I wanted his awesome wrapping paper bow tie up on stage.

Ben Stiller is a Na'vi. He looks... interesting. But he pulls it off much better than I would have thought!

Best Make Up - Star Trek. Yay!
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