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Ceremony Part II

David Baddiel has never heard of Neil Patrick Harris! Shame on you David Baddiel.

I didn't notice it before but wow, the Oscars stage is sparkly.

Cameron Diaz is wearing a very pretty dress that really does not suit her. That's a shame.

They are... interviewing animated characters about what winning an Oscar would mean to them. Things like this almost never work and this is no different.

My prediction for Best Animated Film is Up and I will be extremely surprised if it doesn't win.

I am not surprised.

Amanda Seyfried and Miley Cyrus both have big skirted princess dresses, although Miley's dress's top looks like lingerie. That's weird.

The Weary Kind won Best Original Song. Another one I expected.

I think I need to make a start on the Mountain Dew. I'm flagging already.
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