February 28th, 2011

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No Red Carpet For Me :(

I thought this was supposed to be the red carpet? Instead we've got the panel yakking about the top three films. I'm surprised that they've included True Grit in with The King's Speech and The Social Network though. I'd have said Black Swan was more of a contender than that one.

Ok guys, I know the Oscars are about films and all but I really don't care what you lot have to say about them. I want to see some dresses. If I'm missing good dresses for this, I'm going to hurt someone.

And adverts. I am not happy about this.
DW River hair


Oh finally, we actually get to go to the red carpet.

Yes, Lucy Cotter, I agree that it's more exciting there than in the studio. I'm going to assume your surprised tone was you being sarcastic and making a point about the amount of time we've wasted with the panel instead of being with you.

Oh, and now we're going back to talk more about the films. Great. Maybe I should take a nap before we get to the good bits.

But I do have to wonder why Robbie Collin couldn't get trousers that fit. Did he not realise he was going to be on TV this evening?

Hey, we're now with some American lady explaining the theatre to us. There are actually people around her. Yay for stuff happening!

Ooh, backstage. That's a fancy greenroom.

Hey, Mila Kunis! Looking pretty although I'm not sure about the dress. And Hailee Steinfeld. Her dress is gorgeous but she does look about eight. And Jesse Eisenberg. Men are boring, they all wear the same. Except Nick Park, but there's no Wallace and Gromit this year.

Amy Adams. Interesting dress. It looks rather... solid.

Jennifer Lawrence. In a red Baywatch-esque dress! Nice.

It's Russell Brand looking almost normal. That must have been difficult for him. And he brought his mum. Awww!

Melissa Leo is wearing a giant doily.

I do wonder if Lucy Cotter was in a bad position and Sky had to show an American thing instead because she wasn't getting any interviews or seeing anyone. It did look very quiet there when we cut to her earlier.
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Cate Blanchett, what is with the weird baubles on your dress? And that strange shell circle in the middle? It's a rather odd look.

Marisa Tomei continuing the Oscar tradition of exploding dresses. First I've seen this year but I'm sure it won't be the last.

Scarlett Johansson has the figure to pull off such a clingy dress, but I'm still not sure about it.

Matthew McConaughey looks old. His wife looks gorgeous. I love her dress, I think it's my favourite of all the ones I've seen so far!

Anne Hathaway in what would be a pretty dress if it didn't have stupid extra bits stuck on the back.

Reece Witherspoon is looking very pretty but again I'm not sure about her dress. Where are all the good dresses? I want good dresses, dammit! I'm feeling very boring saying the same thing over and over again.

Jennifer Hudson. Nice dress but the top part looks weird.

Natalie Portman. Could it be? A dress I actually like? Amazing! Love the colour and the style works really well for her pregnancy figure.

Tim's interviewing Justin Timberlake. Maybe we are watching the same thing as you Zero, just a bit delayed!

Sandra Bullock. Pretty nice dress there. Is that Gwyneth Paltrow in the background in a hideous silver thing?

Apparently there is now a fashion for dresses to have a square gap cut between the breasts. Who knew.
DW River hair

The Awards Begin

And it's ceremony time! Yay!

So far so good, I'm liking the film-hopping opening. It's actually funny! And it has God Morgan Freeman in it! Awesome. I hope the rest of the ceremony continues this way!

Anne Hathaway has already changed dresses. I like this one, although I would prefer slightly fewer silver bits.

And her mother's in on the act too. Between this, people bringing their mothers and the mominees tweeting, it looks like mums are taking over the Academy!

Titanic was over a decade ago! I mean I knew that, but hearing Tom Hanks emphasis it so much makes me feel old.

First award of the night - Art Direction. Paul and I have different predictions for this so it'll be interesting to see who takes the early lead... And it's neither of us cos neither of us put Alice in Wonderland. Lol.

Cinematography. Inception. Still no points for either of us. Oh my god, we're rubbish at this.

I should probably also point out that now the ceremony's started Paul and I have cracked open the Cava, so my posts may start making less and less sense.

James Franco looks kinda like James Marsden, or is that just me?

Wow, Kirk Douglas. Tom Hanks doesn't look so old now!

Best Supporting Actress. I say Hailee, Paul says Helena. I just don't want it to be Melissa.

Dammit. Melissa Leo. Paul and I are still tied on nil/nil.
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Continuing Ceremony

Best Animated Short. We didn't predict this one, even though The Gruffalo is one of the only two films I've actually seen out of all the nominees this year! But the winner was The Lost Thing.

Best Animated Feature Film. It's got to be Toy Story 3, hasn't it? Yes, yes it has. First points of the night! Paul and I are now tied on one each.

Adapted Screenplay. The Social Network. We're now on two each! I love how he's just ignoring the music. He's going to finish his acceptance speech, no matter what you play at him!

Original Screenplay. We differ with our predictions here, so are we finally going to stop being tied? Yes. I have taken the lead thanks to The King's Speech!

Anne Hathaway's changed again! Ooh, singing. Yes, the singing two years ago was awesome. This singing is pretty good too. Hugh Jackman looking kinda terrified in the audience there. What has he done to his hair? I might have to have words with him about that.

I have no idea what is going on here with the Marilyn dress.

Russell and Helen! Represent the UK!

Foreign Language Film - In a Better World

Supporting Actor - Christian Bale. He of the scary beard that completely does not match his hair. I mean, seriously, has nobody told him how ridiculous he looks? And how much he looks like Keanu Reeves, for that matter.
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Still With the Ceremony

These people look very American. And I'm sure that joke made sense to Americans.

Anne Hathaway has changed again. Not too sure about this dress, I think it flares out in the wrong place.

Hugh Jackman! I love you Hugh Jackman! Sort out your hair, though.

Hey, Star Wars. And something. And... ET? And something else. If this is supposed to show how music and films are so linked that hearing the music makes you think of the film then I think I fail.

Original Score - The Social Network. I'm getting quite a good lead here, but I don't want to be too happy about it. There's still time for it all to turn around!

Sound Mixing - Inception.

Sound Editing - Inception.

Ok, I think I can be pleased now. Looking at the remaining categories and our predictions, I don't think it's possible for me to lose.

Current score:

Caroline: 8
Paul: 2

What's with the shoulder things, Cate Blanchett? How did I miss those before?

Makeup - The Wolfman.

Costume Design - Alice in Wonderland. Paul clawing his way back up with a point there!

No, Kevin Spacey, you are not Drunk George. And we are sad for that. I miss Drunk George.

Hey, Chuck! Chuck is at the Oscars! Are you there for a secret CIA mission? Is Anne Hathaway an evil double agent? Where's Sarah? I bet she'd look good in an Oscar dress.

Lol, Jake Gyllenhaal said that Shorts are the hardest to predict on home ballots. That's why we don't include them on ours!
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Ceremony Still

Anne Hathaway has changed again.

Oh. My. God. They're autotuning Harry Potter! And some other films. AND TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE! THIS IS AMAZING! Damn, that should have been longer.

Also, Anne Hathaway, I think I love you. Just saying.

Hey, Oprah! Looking good. I like your dress.

Documentary - Inside Job. Another point to me.

McGee is still on the sofa with us but he has his paw over his face. Does that mean that he doesn't approve of the Oscars? Or does he just want us to go away!

I'm now eating mini eggs. I love mini eggs. It's not Easter but I don't even care. Mini eggs are amazing.

I think I should have more wine.

Hey, it's Sherlock and Watson! I ship it.

Visual Effects. If Inception doesn't win this then there is no justice in the world. But it does, so we can all rest easy.

Editing - The Social Network.

Anne Hathaway has changed again.

More singing. I like Florence Welch's dress here.

Gwyneth Paltrow does not look good.

We must be coming to the end of the ceremony soon. Just the big four to go!
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And The End

Oh god, it's Celine Dion. Singing Smile, which I think has to be one of the most depressing songs ever written. Which is appropriate since it's for the In Memoriam segment.

Aw, Leslie Nielsen.

Anne Hathaway has changed again.

Best Director - The King's Speech. Interesting. Heh, man-love.

I really want to slap Robbie Collin. He's pissing me off so much.

Time for best actress. Is it just me or does Jennifer Lawrence look like Hayden Panettiere? Should I be worried that I keep thinking people look like other people tonight?

Best Actress - Natalie Portman. Total non-surprise there.

Sandy's here to present best actor. If Colin doesn't get this there's going to be an uprising.

Best Actor - Colin Firth. Hollywood is safe.

Anne Hathaway has changed again.

Time for the big one. I'm really not sure how this one will go. I predicted The King's Speech but I'm not confident.

Best Picture - The King's Speech. Yay.

Final Scores:

Caroline: 16
Paul: 8

Now, to work out what to spend my winnings on!

So that's it. Another ceremony over. I thought it was pretty good this year, especially Anne Hathaway. She was brilliant.

There seemed to be less focus on entertaining this time, it was more about giving out awards. That worked well, although I must admit to being slightly disappointed at not having as much to flail about/laugh at as I was writing these entries.

But now it's nearly 5am and I really should go to bed. I'll probably do my usual dresses round up post tomorrow later today, assuming I can find some dresses I actually like!
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Oscar Dresses

Well, last night was fun. Although I feel very bleh today. I think I need to go do something that doesn't require any brainpower now. But first, as promised, my dresses roundup post.

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No final Not a Dress this year because there weren't any guys who looked interesting enough to bother to post. :(