March 7th, 2010

DW River hair

Ready... Get Set...

It's nearly Oscars time! As with last year I plan to stay up and watch the ceremony while posting on LJ about it all.

But unlike last year I am not alone. Paul has been crazy enough to join me and we shall be watching the ceremony together while consuming copious amounts of Mountain Dew and snacks to keep ourselves awake.

I'm already tired, which isn't good, but the same thing happened last year and I managed to make it till the end then so hopefully the same will hold true this time.

Not long to go...
DW River hair

Short Start


Well for a start Angela Griffin you are not setting a good example. What is wrong with your hair? And that dress. Way to represent the UK(!)

Zac Efron is a presenter? What is he presenting? Also, Paul says Zac is looking particularly dreamy this evening.

Mariah Carey has giant earrings and far too much sparkly stuff on her wrists. I can't see much of her dress but I don't like what I do see.

Angela Griffin has used the word 'glorious' to describe both the people she talked to. I can see this annoying me.

Adverts? Really? After five minutes?

But we have champagne, so that makes me happy. =D
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