August 7th, 2009

DW River hair

It's the Day after Thursday

FRIDAY! The most GLORIOUS of all days. Except that I am once again WORKING TOMORROW and that kinda RUINS the whole END OF THE WEEK thing that most people AGREE is what makes it GLORIOUS.

But still, FRIDAY! Other things make FRIDAY awesome too. Like the fact that it is the ONLY day of the week named after a WOMAN. And it is RED in my synaesthesia. And it can be pronounced FRID-AY if you're feeling SILLY. Which I AM.

There is a new episode of TRUE BLOOD on tonight. Although I still need to CATCH UP on the previous TWO episodes that I have RECORDED but not yet WATCHED. (Basically what I am saying is that I have seen the PILOT and nothing else.)

There is also new NCIS. And, ALAS, how am I supposed to CAPSLOCK a name which is already written in CAPITALS? My entire CAPSLOCK ENTRY has been thrown into CHAOS! DISORDER WILL REIGN! EVERYBODY PANIC! OR HIDE, HIDING WORKS TOO....
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