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Actual Entry About Today

It's Robert's birthday. He's 18 today! (No more children in the house...unless you count the dog.)

We went up to the pub to eat. The food wasn't great and an old lady collapsed at a nearby table. It really demonstrated the stupidity of the emergency services dispatch system. There's an ambulance station about 5-10 minutes away (probably 5 with the flashing blue lights) but it's in Surrey and the pub is just over the border into Hampshire so the ambulance had to come from the other direction. We left before it arrived and actually passed it since we continued that way to go to a garden centre.

I hope the lady was all right. I might try to look it up but they'll probably only mention it if she died. (I can imagine that wouldn't be good for business.)

The DVDs didn't arrive in time. I gave Robert the bottle opener keyring. He kinda laughed so I hope he liked it.

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