May 10th, 2007

Rock into Mordor

I'm Learning...

Yesterday Year 4 made me wonder what the hell I was thinking (It's official - Evil is a nine year old boy.) Today Year 5 gave me back hope.

Of course, it was helpful that I managed to impress most of them with my mad typing skills. One of the girls asked me how I was able to type so quickly, I said "practice" and she looked confused.

I also took the opportunity to play around practice using the Smart Board. (I did this at the end of the day so the children wouldn't laugh at me.) The board is weird and my writing looks absolutely awful on it. Mainly because it doesn't come out quite where you think it will, but also because my writing is quite small anyway so I have to make an effort to make it larger in order to be legible, which of course makes it look odd.

Plus, I got to take the register. Or, more accurately, the teacher suddenly told me I was taking the register and left the room while I did it. That was quite nerve-wracking.