March 17th, 2007

Emo Darcy

Dance, Puppets, Dance!

I was in a bad mood earlier so I played The Sims just to kill people. I ended up drowning the father of the Pleasant family, but his wife wanted to resurrect him (despite his affair with the maid) so I've sent his daughters to university so they can get jobs in the Paranormal career track and do just that. I am a fickle god.

Robert has come back for the weekend. We went down the hill to get fish and chips, stopping in the pub along the way. I knew it was St Patrick's Day but it didn't really sink in until I saw how crowded and green the pub was. Fortunately the games area was pretty empty and I managed to lose at pool twice and not win any money on the games machine. Woo, Loser!

And now we're watching Patriot Games. An... interesting choice to show on St Patrick's Day, I feel.