February 16th, 2007

Boromir's Imaginary Phone

Been a Busy Little Bee

I have been to the Chinese State Circus. It was very, very impressive. Human beings should not be able to do those things...

That was then followed by a very fun evening and day with tyasante and after_thought16 during which time we watched all three Lord of the Rings extended edition. They make so much more sense with the extra bits!

In honour of that occasion I am using one of my favourite LotR icons for this post.

Today I took Minnie to the vet and was told she's doing really well, which is great news. I'm also working on my Oxford application, which isn't going so well but I should hopefully have it finished in time. If I didn't want this position so much I would be tempted to give up, they want so much more than any of the others I've applied to so far.

Tomorrow I will be getting on a train at 7:40am. It seems highly likely that I will fall asleep on said train since my insomnia is back. Take last night: Around 12-1am I sign off of MSN because I am tired and need sleep. At 2am I am willing myself to fall asleep. At 3am I am annoyed by my lack of sleep. At 4am I am going OH DEAR GOD WHY AM I NOT ASLEEP! Not as bad as some nights I've had but still pretty damn annoying.