November 18th, 2006

Pearlswine Rat Joy


I met Alan Davies.

I sat next to him in the QI bar and asked him what college he was in when he was at Kent. He said he was in Keynes, which made me so very happy. Yay for Keynes people! (I think I may have scared him a little with my exuberance though...)

He signed my General Ignorance book for me, and the QI DVD for Sarah. He was pleased that I spelt my name the normal way, so I told my mother than Alan approves of her spelling.

It truly was a great night. And you might think that would be the end of the joy, but no! More was to come...

As we were leaving we stopped to thank the guy who introduced us to Alan, and he thanked us for coming! He tried to get us to stay and chat some more and then he gave us each a free book!

We were thanked and given free stuff for meeting Alan! The world has gone crazy!

Also - I was amazingly articulate and confident when talking to Alan and I credit that to the two vodka drinks I had before we went up to him.
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