May 5th, 2006

DW River hair

Back in Kent

I am not happy.

When I came back on Sunday, Breeze was much worse and my parents were talking about having her put to sleep. From what Mum was saying about the next day being a bank holiday I definitely got the impression that it would happen on Tuesday. But I haven't heard anything more, so either it hasn't happened yet or they just haven't bothered to tell me. I hate not knowing.

I've spent a lot of time crying since then, and the first few days I couldn't really get to sleep so I'd spend a lot of the night watching DVDs in my room. It's not so bad now but I still stay up quite late. Last night my idiot housemate put a note under my door saying I always wake him up by slamming my doors and doing whatever it is I do at 2am.

Actually, I'm always very careful to close my doors quietly at night. If he wanted to hear them being slammed I'm sure I could do that. I don't do anything particularly noisy, I don't go downstairs to cook, I try to close things softly and I keep my shoes off when I'm walking around upstairs. So basically it would seem that he wants me to just stop doing anything. I also find it highly ironic that he's saying this when he is the noisiest person I have ever lived with. Maybe he's accusing me of slamming doors because that's what he does and he can't imagine there's any other way they could be shut.

It wouldn't surprise me coming from the moron who thought the only way to save your work in Word was to close it down, click yes when asked if you wanted to save changes, then open it up again.

In better news, I got an email from my Religion and Film teacher who said that because of the strike we won't be doing viva voces and the marks will be made up with coursework. So that's good, I suppose. Although he hasn't marked my coursework yet so who knows.

I wish the exams were over. I'd much rather have them done with than the extra time for revision. My first one isn't for over two weeks and I really hate the fact that the last one is the last week of term, and two days AFTER Artsfest. I wish I had more time afterwards when I could stay here and just enjoy Kent without stressing over exams and having to be cooped up inside on lovely sunny days to do revision.

I'm really behind on emailing people, but I really just don't feel like talking to anyone at the moment.
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