November 17th, 2005

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My Week.

Hello all. I thought I'd tell you all about my week so far using the nice and simple bad things/good things method, with a third category for random things that I don't think fit in either of the first two. Read on and enjoy. Laugh at my pain, you know you want to.

Bad things: Handed in crap for essay. Gave presentation on completely the wrong topic. Am teh stoopid.
Good things: Entered pub quiz with Sarah. Came last. Woohoo.
Other things: Fell over walking down Eliot footpath. Made knee and foot bleed. Tights were undamaged.

Bad things: Started work on next essay. Changed question after realising had made a stupid choice.
Good things: Realised stupidity of question choice quite early. Went to pub again.
Other things: Ate lots of pizza at Alpha. Was still hungry for more.

Bad things: Had to get 7:45 bus. Lost last vestiges of sanity and went to Tesco.
Good things: Talked to mother. Told her about pub quiz achievement.
Other things: Got laptop to work again but don't trust it enough to use it for essays.

Bad Things: Feel sick. Only did a little work on essay. Am hungry.
Good things: Didn't completely embarrass myself in Greek. No more classes this week.
Other things: Didn't mean for that to rhyme.

Hasn't happened yet.
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