September 21st, 2005

DW River hair


Went to London. London fun.

Walked by the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Went into Westminster Abbey to look at the tombs of dead people. Went on the London Eye. Hung around the entrance to Downing Street and saw the police threaten a guy.

The best part of Westminster Abbey was Poet's Corner, although Paul and I were quite upset that Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters only got small plaques hidden away in the corner which were completely overshadowed by large ones for men I've never heard of. On the upside there was a cat in the gardens. Fat and happy to be stroked. A true Abbey cat.

Also, Mary I got a pretty rotten deal. Buried with her sister but only Lizzie's image is on the tomb. I can just imagine them carving onto it as an afterthought - "Oh yeah, Mary's in here too."

The London Eye was great. It was a really nice day so we could see quite far. Parliament and the surrounding buildings looked really pretty and the view helped us find Downing Street.

Watching a guy get threatened was interesting. I must also note that St James' tube station is quite possibly the poshest tube station I have ever seen in my life.

All in all a very fun day, although we did not get to spend too much money on frivolous purchases. We will have to go back and do that another day.
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