February 28th, 2005

DW River hair


Snow!! *hyperventilates with joy*

Jeni, get your cute little self over here right now! We need to play in the snow!

According to my housemate who knows about things imperial it was about six or seven inches at the house when we left this morning! So much snow!

On the downside my feet are freezing cos when I walk they sink all the way down. I do have boots but they have absolutely no grip on the soles and I would rather not fall over and hurt myself. Especially this close to my trip.

I wonder if my seminar and chorus will be cancelled? It must be difficult for people to get here.

*loves snow*
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DW River hair


I've decided I'm not going to Chorus. I doubt it'll be on but even if it is I don't really want to go back at 10pm in this snow.

I haven't heard anything about my seminar, which according to the History office means assume it's on. David and Mum both suggested I just forget about it and go back to the house where it's warm and I don't have to worry about transport but I seem physically incapable of doing that.

What the fuck is wrong with me? Why won't I let myself skip one measly seminar that may not even be on due to bucket loads of snow outside?

I'm crabby and hungry cos there was a campus wide power cut right as I went to lunch, which is, by the way, David's fault. He suggested we meet for lunch at 1, but then we ended up next to each other in the library and he asked to wait 15 minutes. If we'd gone at 1 we could have eaten.

I still love snow though.
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