February 25th, 2005

DW River hair

Of books and rats...and DVDs

Proof I buy too many books: The lady in the Oxfam bookshop remembered me. She said I must be building up quite a library!

I introduced Bill to the ratties yesterday. They decided to be shy and not do anything when normally they run around and explore wherever they can find. I suppose they just don't like strangers. It makes me happy that they trust me enough to come out when I'm around.

And further evidence of the technological conspiracy against me - my DVD player won't work. Yep, it hates me. I don't see how it can have broken when all it does is sit there. At least I still have my laptop to play my DVDs on.

I got Buffy season four yesterday cos it was half price, and Quantum Leap season one. Ahh, nostalgia.
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