February 15th, 2005

DW River hair


Essay's done. Printed out. It's due in Friday so I had planned to finish it this week but I don't need to do that now. Ooh, days off. What shall I do? I would consider going into town and doing some shopping except it is that dreaded time again. The time that strikes fear into the hearts of people everywhere. It is...Half Term.

Bratty children! Annoying teenagers! They're everywhere! There is no escape! I think it was last year that I forgot it was half term and went into Canterbury one day. It's a miracle I made it out alive.

I'll probably use the time to play with my rats. Which the housemate now knows about and reacted to with disbelief, "who keeps rats in their bedroom?!" Well, lots of people! Don't be insulting rats, I won't stand for that. Then he said a lot more stupid stuff that pissed me off.

But, back to happy thoughts, my rats are so sweet! They're a lot more confident now and if I leave the cage door open they'll come out to look for food and if I put my hand there they'll crawl on to it. Evie is now much shyer than Minnie though. Minnie is also a lot whiter than she was originally, she has a black stripe going down her back that radiates out into the white of her sides.

Hmm, what else. Oh, I got an email from Expedia about my changed flight so hopefully I'll get the new tickets soon. Did I mention my changed flight? I'm not sure I did. Anyway, the stopover in Newark was going to be even shorter and since neither I nor Dad thought that was going to be enough time he had me changed to an earlier flight. So I now have 4 hours in Newark, which gives me a lot of time to work out where I'm supposed to go and what I'm supposed to do. That's a relief.
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