February 4th, 2005

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Guess what I've got? *jumps up and down with excitement* Rats!! I've got two little rats and they're so cute!

I was looking at cages and I just decided to go with rats instead of mice. I've wanted rats for years. And yesterday, after much walking and bus rides and 6 different shops I got two little dumbo rats! The pet shop lady was great, I was half tempted to ask her if she was a rocking dyke but didn't. She kissed the rats goodbye when she put them in the box for me.

They're both brown but one has white on her head. It took me a while to name them cos they wouldn't tell me what they were called!

The one with white on her head is Minnie, because she's a minx and tried to run away from me. She hid under my desk and I had to crawl under and get her out. She's shyer than her sister and was cowering at the bottom of the travel box when I got them back to the house.

The all brown one is Evie, because she's sweet and curious. She stuck her head out as soon as I opened the travel box, not afraid at all, and she's the one who's more likely to say hello to me when I appear. Evie will eat food I give her by hand while Minnie just sniffs it and shrinks back.

They hid for most of yesterday evening but I could hear them last night, they sounded very active. I said hello to them this morning before leaving. It was hard, leaving them for the first time. I've decided I'm going to go back after lunch cos I miss them so much.

The thing about rats is that everything they do is OMGTHESWEETESTTHINGEVER! Eating, washing, drinking, exploring, sleeping. It's just so cute! I love the way they wash their faces with their little paws, and the way they hold on to the water bottle spout when they drink, and the way they snuggle together to sleep.

I'm so excited! I'm telling everyone. So far the people who know are the Big Issue seller near Siesta (and we had a nice little conversation about rats), Mum (and I think she told Robert) and Sam in Latin. That's more people than I usually talk to at all!

I love my rats!
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