December 17th, 2004

DW River hair


I'm home! Yay! *hugs home* There are so many things that are strange and new, like the table and this chair and the indoor fridge in the kitchen...weird.

I feel so tired. I thought I'd have loads of energy now I'm back but I just feel lethargic and sad.

We had the Christmas Ordeal this morning (that was the title of the Latin test) I think I did ok, although I made up so much of it cos I had no idea what the answers were. I talked with Emma about it for a while afterwards which was good.

Also, isn't it annoying when jerks do something nice and make you rethink your whole opinion of them? On Tuesday I had lunch with my housemate and told him I lost my prescription and was too scared to go get a new one then on Wednesday I find a new one under my door. Perhaps I should be worried about the fact that he was able to get it without me but it was still really nice of him. I gave him a bottle of wine as a Christmas present.

Wednesday I went to London. We looked round the British Museum for about an hour or so before we went shopping. I had all these great plans to buy Christmas presents for people but ended up just getting a skirt for myself. There wasn't really anything I thought anyone would want. Maybe we went to the wrong shops.
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