December 10th, 2004

DW River hair


I'm so tired.

I was going to write a whole long entry about how tired I am but I'm too tired to do it. So instead I'll rely on bullet points.

* Latin. - I suck muchly. Big test next Friday. Probably going to fail.
* Franks, Vikings etc. - Need to look up some info about a crown for presentation next Thursday. Blah.
* Western Christianity. - Need to shoot all the people who take books out the library cos it means I can't do any research. Probably too tired to have done any anyway though.
* Christmas shopping. - Two people have presents. Everyone else is currently in danger of getting chocolate shaped like Father Christmas.
* London. - Ick, big city a couple of weeks before Christmas. This was a really stupid plan.
* Prescription. - Going to have to ask for a new one. Going to feel stupid. Already feel guilty, careless and irresponsible.
* Lunch. - Going to go to that soon even though I told myself I wasn't to spend any more money on food.
* Money. - Doesn't want to be my friend. Is always leaving me at great speeds.

Just one more week to go. Just one more week to go. Just one more week to go.
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DW River hair

Wow, I'm Stupid

So I just had my appointment with Nicola. Did I tell her about my lost prescription? No. Am I a fucking moron? Yes. Now I don't know what to do.

Also will someone please tell the little people in my skull to stop bashing my brain with sticks? Because that's the only explanation I can come up with for why my head hurts so much.

Crap, I am really not looking forward to a 45 minute bus ride feeling like this. There better not be too many people on it.
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