December 9th, 2004

DW River hair


Guess what I did yesterday? I went into the brand new bookshop in Canterbury, which incidentally smells like hamster bedding, and I paid with my debit card! I've never done that in a shop before because I've always been too anxious about signing my name. But I did it! Woo! I was shaking so much my signature looked like even more of a mess than it is normally and I was still shaking for a while after I left but I did it. I couldn't believe I'd actually done it!

I know for most people this is an everyday occurrence and they probably think I'm making a fuss about nothing but it's a big deal for me. Of course what this means is that that money I thought was safe in a hard to access bank account is now in danger of finding itself all spent away.

Also, I got 65 for my Vikings essay. This pleased me. But I was disappointed at the lack of smiley faces on the cover sheet. I got two last time.

We filled in our course evaluation thingies today and I said I'd recommend it to others cos the lecturer is quite mad.

At the end I asked Helen about going to London with her, she took my number and said she'd text me about what train they're going to be getting. Now I'm thinking this was a bad idea and I should have just left it and stayed in bed next Wednesday. I may be making progress with the confidence and social thing but I think this may be pushing it too far.

Still no sign of my prescription. I guess someone either threw it away or kept it for themselves.
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