November 17th, 2004

DW River hair


Essay update: 2251 words. That's not including the title, bibliography and footnotes which will hopefully give it the illusion of being longer. Along with double spacing.

It's half the word count, I think that's pretty good for me.

Now all I have to do is read through it and make sure it makes sense. Ha! Also still haven't done any research for my presentation tomorrow. Really should get on that.

Next essay is due in in two weeks. Need to start researching that too.
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DW River hair

Dear Dear

Dear St Benedict, thank you for not being in the library. At first I was annoyed that your book and books about you were not where the catalogue said they would be however this then led me to looking you up online and now I get to talk to Jeni. Yay!

Dear Cough, you have been bothering me for days now. Go bugger off and bother somebody else. Take Headache with you while you're at it.

Dear Student Loan People, thank you so much for sending me that lovely reminder about how much I already owe you. Why don't you go fall in a well? I still say this money should be a gift you're giving me for my contribution to society. Some may say that the contribution doesn't begin until I start work but I disagree for I am contributing significantly to the ice cream and alcohol industries. I am a beautiful and necessary cog in the machine of economic life.

Dear As Yet Unwritten History Essay, please leave me alone.
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